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Cool Solutions, air conditioning services in the Moraira area since 2006

Why service if it works? - To save money and stay healthy!

If an air conditioning unit isn't working at its optimum performance, it uses more electricity because it has to work harder to do the same job. 

This could also mean that it's working at a higher pressure which can cause leaks of refrigerant into the atmosphere. 

It's very bad for the environment and will cost a lot in refills.

It's important to keep it well maintained to avoid higher electric bills, expensive repairs and unnecessary refills. 

If the actual compressor fails on a normal domestic unit it is not economically viable to replace it, so you’d be looking at replacing the whole unit!

Central air conditioning units, according to the Environment Protection Agency, can spread indoor pollutants such as bacteria, moulds, mildew, viruses and pollen. They can also be a cause of Legionnaires disease. Another good reason to have them serviced regularly!

What areas do we cover?

Based in Moraira, and covering - Teulada, Benissa, Benitachell, Calpe, Javea, Jalón valley and areas in between.

Will cover different areas on request.

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